Born Mutah Wassin Shabazz Beale, on October 7, 1977. He was born to the parents Lawrence and Elisha Beale, who were converts of Islam. When Mutah, was three years old, his parents were murdered by an God Father right in front of him and his siblings. He was orphaned, but later was raised by his Christian grandmother.

By the time Mutah was a teenager, when he was 15 years old, Tupac Shakur practically raised, and became a father figure to him. He became a part of the group Dramacydal, that 2Pac put together, later he disbanded that group in 1995, and combined Dramacydal with the Group ThugLife, and they formed The Outlawz. Because of his size in stature, and his toughness 2Pac gave him the rap name Naopleon named after the dictator/soldier of the same name.

Between 1995, and 1996, Napoleon recorded numerous songs with 2Pac, and The Outlawz, He was on the venomous dis record “Hit Em Up”, “All About U”, and a variety of other songs that were produced by Johnny “J”. Napoleon shined on the Makaveli album, but it was the release of the album Still I Rize, gold album, solidified Napoleon as an artist. This 2Pac protégé had what it takes to become a bonified star.

This all came after the death of his mentor/father figure 2Pac, things spiraled out of control, with his drinking and was not pleasant to work with outside the realm of his group, The Outlawz. He continued as an Outlaw member with the release of “Ride with us or Collide With us”, but after that things grew sour with the group, and he left the group.

Napoleon ( Never Forget featuring Johnny "J" and Val Young

In 2001, he released a solo album called, Novakane, and in 2002, Neva Surrender. Between 2003, and 2004, while on hiatus from the group, an unlikely source told Johnny “J”, hey why don’t you sign Napoleon to a solo record deal  after his departure from The Outlawz, that unlikely source was the wife of Johnny “J”, Capucine Jackson, who watched him be groomed as a teenager in this industry. Let’s just say, she made the right decision they recorded the Doulble CD “Have Mercy”, which spawned the hit single the Tribute song “Never Forget” Featuring Johnny “J” and Val Young. There was a music video filmed, and radio started giving it some airplay.

Some good things come to an end, after Johnny “J” did not secure a distribution deal for the album, during the process of recording, secretly, Napoleon started converting to Islam, but openly praying five times a day, the inevitable was to come. By the time the video and album was ready for release, Napoleon never had a desire to record again, because it goes against the beliefs of Islam. So, the album, “Have Mercy” was shelved, and the single and any components that went along with the release and promotion of this album.

Napoleon converted fully to Islam, and became a motivational speaker. Today he is living in Saudi Arabia, raising his family and enjoying his coffee business MugLife. Though KLOCK WORK Entertainment honored Napoleons religious beliefs after spending two hundred and fifty thousand dollars on his project, and never receiving a return on its investment. KLOCK WORK has decided to release the album “Have Mercy”, and the single “Never Forget”, the single single is tribute to the untimely death of 2Pac, and it will be release on September 13, the day of his passing. Also fitting for this release, Johnny “J” the producer of numerous 2Pac records, and this entire double CD, passed away on Oct 3, 2008. So, we will celebrate both of their lives, and finally give the fans some of what they’ve been asking for, and also try to stop some of the imposters releasing parts of this project, infringing upon our rights. Though Napoleon will not promote this CD, we wish him all of the success with his endeavors.